DEMSTERVOLD - The Forest's Mania

Deep within the lands, beyond the Plains of Ashes and where the waters turn poisonous lies the uncharted great vast forest of Demstervold. A nightmarish place harbouring dark energies that drive even the strongest of warriors insane. Not much is known about it as not even The Wanderer has set foot into it. What is known about the Demstervold is that deep within its ensorcelled branches lies the Accursed Retreat, the refuge of the entitiy only known as Morden. Noone knows who he is or what his motives are, other than what he chooses to divulge to the outside world via cryptic transmissions.

From what scholars have been able to decipher of these, a terrifying image forms: of devils, beasts, demons roaming the woods, of trees, plants and creatures corrupted into deadly, menaces to any human entering those woods.

What is also understood is that the Demstervold is in constant shift from the Maelstrom of Death that's believed to exist at the center of the forest, emanating its chaos, twisting, corrupting, changing everything it touches with the dark energy of pure hatred. In recent decades scholars built the Shunned House as a research laboratory at the edge of the Demstervold in order to study these phenomena. But each and every one of them went insane, either taking their own lives or becoming murderous possessed madmen turning against their colleagues.

Thus the Shunned House sits empty, haunted by the spirits of these unfortunate souls, dark energies keeping the forbidden knowledge inside forever...


Maalstroom des Doods

Compilation of all previously released material from 2017 - 2019.

Released 14 May 2021

Digital, LP
New Era Productions

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Maalstroom des Doods

Maalstroom des Doods

Released 2019

Digital, 7"
Amor Fati Productions

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Bezeten Woud
Wurgende Doodsmist

Released 5 November 2017

Digital, MC
Zwartkunst Smederij

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Den Svartne Spökerii

Transfixerende Doodsvisioenen
Macht der Zwarte Kracht
Doodskunst en Duivelarij
Op Het Glorieuze Pad Naar Verdoemenis
Als Het Licht Dooft In Jouw Ogen

Released 27 June 2017

Digital, MC
Black Abyss Productions

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